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WIV – Redamancy (Demo Version) Release

It’s some kind of rebirth or even reincarnation of Waiting in Vain as WIV.

It’s probably worth a more wider news release than a blog post on this web page, but as most in our lives this release is a small step towards a new era of what Waiting in Vain or simply WIV is defined as. There is no definite decision whether WIV becomes the actual band name (as an acronym to Waiting in Vain), but we are more than proud to announce that WIV goes fully female front-led (vocally). It has been a process of almost five years listening to critics and comments across the spectrum ranging from club owners, fans and friends: if WIV wants to grow bigger do something about your vocals. And we go! What had started on Evolution became an obvious choice grounded in deeply moving comments a lot of folks about Sandra’s voice and how well it integrates into WIV’s sound. That’s why the work on the new album will focus purely on female Electronic (Rock) music with the other band members focusing on the things they can do best: writing catchy chord progessions and evolve the process of a better sound for their listeners.

This lyrics video is a snapshot of where WIV is at this moment in time. It is a demo version which aims at bridging the gap until the actual first release of the new album makes its way to all the online streaming platforms. Redamancy will be the last song of this concept album which we will write more about in future posts. For the time being, we invite you to simply see this song as a new beginning towards a new era of WIV and creates an appetite for more which we promise will come early 2021!

Stay home and stay safe!

Yours sincerly,